Top 10 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Hi buddy,I am providing you Top 10 Software Interview Questions & Answers that will help you to crack the software Testing Interview.

1.What do you mean by Software Testing ?

Software Testing is a process of finding the errors  in the program or applications before providing the applications to the end user.

2.What are the different levels of Testing ?

There are four levels of testing 

1.Unit testing/Module testing

2.Integration testing

3.System testing

4.Acceptance testing

3.What is “use case testing” ?

“Use case testing” is used to identify and execute the functional requirement of the application from start to end that meets the requirement of the end user.This process is known as “use case testing”.

4.What is the difference between STLC and SDLC ?

STLC stands for “Software Testing Life-Cycle”

SDLC stands for “Software Development Life-Cycle”

STLC deals with the verification and validation of the software & SDLC deals with the development/coding of the software.

5.What is the difference between Static & Dynamic Testing ?

Static Testing:

This testing is done without executing the program

This testing can be performed before compilation

Dynamic Testing:

This testing is done by executing the program

This testing can be performed after compilation

6.What is Integration testing ?

Integration testing is the level of testing where every individual module/unit/program of application is combined into a single unit,After that combined module is tested.

This testing is performed after the unit and functional testing.

7.What is “Test coverage” ?

Test coverage is a metric of  software testing that measures the amount of testing performed by the set of tests & also measures how much of your code left to complete the test cases.

8.What do you mean by Verification & Validation ?


Verification is the process of evaluating the software in the development phase to find out whether they meet the specified requirements


Validation is the process of evaluating the software after the development process to check software meets the customer expectations and requirements. 

9.What are the categories of Debugging ?

Categories of debugging are given below:

1.Brute force


3.Cause elimination

4.Program slicing

10.What is the difference between Alpha & Beta  Testing ?

Alpha testing

Alpha testing is a type of software testing which is performed to find out bugs before publishing  the application to the real users or publicly or world-wide.It is a type of “User Acceptance Testing”.

Beta testing

Beta testing is a type of software testing  which is tested in a real environment by the targeted customers or employees of the company.It is a type of “User Acceptance Testing”.

I have written the above interview questions and answers based on my experience ,top books and researching from the internet.

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