Introduction of Data Structures and Algorithms

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This tutorial contains the most important topics of data structure such as Array,Stack,Queue,Linked List etc & also about the algorithms with  complexity.

What do you mean by Data Structure & its type ?

Data structure is a way of storing & organising the data in such a way that we can perform operations on these data in a very easy way.

Data structure is a data organisation,memory management that provides an efficient way to store and access these data.

We can perform different types of operations such insertion,deletion,searching etc.

There are two types of data structure

1.Linear Data Structure

2.Non-Linear  Data Structure

1.Linear Data Structure

When the data elements are stored in a sequential manner then this is known as linear data structure.


Array,Queue, Linked List

2.Non-Linear Data Structure

When the data elements are stored in a non-sequential manner then this is known as non-linear data structure.


Tree,Graph,Matrix etc

There are some important topic of data structure




4.Linked List

5.Binary Tree

6.Binary search tree





What is an Algorithm ?

An algorithm is a set of instructions that are executed in a certain order to get the desired output.

An algorithm is not a complete program or code,It is just simply thinking the logic before writing the actual code or program.

These codes or programs can be expressed  as pseudo code or using flowchart.

Properties of an Algorithm

1. Input– An algorithm should have 1 or more inputs

2.Output– An algorithm should have one or more output that meets the desired output

3.Definiteness– Every step of the algorithm should be clear and understandable

4.Correctness– Every step of an algorithm must generate a correct output.

5.Finiteness– An algorithm should terminate with a finite number of outputs.

An algorithm is said to be fast and efficient when it takes less time to execute the program or code & consume  less memory,So these things we can analyse on the basis of 

1.Time Complexity

2.Space Complexity

1.Time Complexity

Time Complexity of an algorithm is way that represents the time taken by an algorithm to complete the program

2.Space Complexity

Space Complexity of an algorithm is way that represents the amount of space taken  by an algorithm to complete the program

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