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HR Interview Q & A

Today’s world is the fastest so every companies need the good candidate.So they check your communication skills and your personality.So some HR (Human Resources) Q & A are given below:

Suppose you are setting in the front of HR.HR will ask the question almost same as which is given below:

1.Tell me about yourself ?

Thank you for giving the great opportunity to introduce myself in the front of you.
My name is suman kumar.I am from Jharkhand.I did my matriculation and intermediate from the Jharkhand board.
I have do B.tech from the DR.KNMIET with computer science stream.I am the founder of placementpreparation.com.
While coming to my family member,

There are six member in my family,my father is a professor and my mother is house-wife.

While coming to me,

I am a cool boy and love to visit new places.

My hobbies are singing song and listening song.

In spare/free time,

I maintain the website, updates the new tutorial and learn the new technologies to improve my skills and knowledge.

Thank you sir/mam

This is my short introduction.

2.Why do want to join this company ?

Sir,It would be great privilege for anyone to work in the company. Because this company is well reputed company in the world.When i read about the requirements of the company then i found that my skills and knowledge are matching so I think this is a good platform to improve my skills,knowledge and personal growth as well as company growth.

3.What are your strengths ?

My biggest strength is my confidence.

I am the hard-working,smart thinker,self motivated,honest.

4.What are your weakness ?

I am straight-forward.I can say no when someone ask for help.I am little bit lazy about which i am interested.

5.Why should i hire you ?

Sir,I am fresher so i have theoretical knowledge but i need a platform where i can implement my theoretical knowledge into the practical knowledge.I will put all my efforts from my side to the growth of the organization as well as my skills and knowledge growth.

Being punctual and sincere,i can finish the work given to me on time and try my best from my side.

6.Are you willing to relocate ?

Yes,I love to travel the new places.So meeting the new people would be great for me and also learning the different things from them would be also great for me.

7.What your salary expectation ?

I would not like to focus on salary right now,I am focusing on learning to the requirement for this position.I think if you have good knowledge then you can get good salary.

8.Who is your inspiration and why ?

My inspiration is my father always,because i have grown by observing and learning values from him in my life.My father success by his hard work and as being honest.My father has given the best in my life in all situation.

9.What are your career goals ?

My short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like your company where i can utilize my skills and improve my career path.

My long term goal is to be in respectable position in that organization where i can handle many employees.

10.What is the difference between the Hard work and Smart work ?

Hard work and smart work are related to each others.As my point of view hard work gives the lots of knowledge to do smart work.

So hard work gives experience and smart work comes from the experience.

So we can not do smart work without the hard work.

11.What is the difference between Confidence and Overconfidence ?

When you know that i am capable enough for the any kind of work,so here you are believing yourself.In this case we can say this is confidence.

When you feel that only i am the best person for this work,and do not do this work except me.In this case we can say this is Overconfidence.

12.What are your hobbies ?

My hobbies are singing song,listening song,visiting the new places.

13.When do you get angry ,how do you come out from this situation ?

I am a cool minded person and very positive attitude person. Generally i don’t get angry very easily but as human being emotions are quite natural.

Sometimes,some situations,even without our mistake makes us angry,i will try to come by controlling myself and by doing meditation.

14.Explain how would be an asset to this organization ?

Sir,I think honest is work discipline and punctuality,hard work are the best asset for the company.so i will dedicate my work and try to give best from my side to the organization growth and values.

15.Do you have any questions for me ?

Thank you sir,it is nice experience interacting with you,can you suggest me where should i improve and where did i lack.

16.Tell me something about our company ?

As per my knowledge,your company is fastest growing ,well reputed company in the market.This company provides the different types of facilitate to their employee.So it would be grateful for me to be part of this organization.

17.If you won 20 crore in lottery,would you still work.

Yes sir,because when you work then you get experience,money does not gives experience so this money i will invest for the good work like opening the schools,hospitals etc.

18.Would you tell lie for the company ?

I do not tell lie ,but depending on the situation if it is benefit for the company then i will tell lie otherwise i will not tell lie in any situation.

19.Give me example of your creativity ?

As my point of view,creativity means not only making the new things but improvement the existing things.It is also creativity.

20.Can you work in under pressure ?

Yes i can work in under pressure,because it is not a pressure it is the part of our work in which i can learn lots of things.