Top 10 Flutter Interview Questions & Answers for 2020

Hi folks,I am providing  top 10  flutter interview questions and answers for 2020 which will help you to crack interviews for both fresher and experienced Developers. 

1.What a Flutter ?

Flutter is an open source UI toolkit which is used to create beautiful UI(User Interface) for the Desktop,web and mobile application from a  single codebase.

2.Which programming language is used to develop Flutter applications ?

“Dart” Programming is used to develop Flutter application

3.What do you mean by “Dart” programming language ?

Dart is an open source,general-purpose and object-oriented programming language.It was developed by Google in 2011.

4.List out the popular apps that use Flutter ?

Google Ads


Coach Yourself


5.Which  are  the best editors to develop the Flutter Application ?

Android studio


visual studio

IntelliJ IDEA

6.What is the pubspec.yaml file ?

Pubspec.yaml is a very important file for any flutter application.It is the place where we provide all the required dependency of our project. 

7.What do you mean by  Widgets in Flutter ?

A Flutter application is always considered as a tree of widgets.Widgets is the place where we write the code that describes how your application UI(user Interface) will display or look like.

8.What do you mean by stateless and stateful in Flutter ?


Stateless means  all the  properties of widgets   are immutable i.e not changeable.We can change by creating the new instance of the widgets.


Stateful means all the properties of widgets are mutable i.e. changeable.

9.What do you mean by Hot Reload in Flutter ?

The Hot Reload features allow you to easily and quickly experiment with the project.It helps to build new UI(User Interface ),Bug fixes and make app development fast.

10.What databases are used in Flutter ?

There are two most databases used in a Flutter

Sqlite Database

Firebase Database

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