Top 10 HTML Interview Questions & Answers for 2020

Hi folks,I am providing Top 10 HTML Interview Questions & Answers for 2020 which will help you to crack the interview for the fresher and experienced developer.

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1.What is HTML ?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup language.It is a language of the World Wide Web.It is the standard  text formatting language which is used to create and display the page on the web.

It makes the text more attractive and dynamic.It can turn text into the images,tables etc.

2.What are the lists in HTML when we design web pages ?

There are various list in HTML as shown below:

ordered list(ol)

unordered list(ul)

definition list(dl)

3.What is a marquee ?

It is used to make any text or image scrollable from left to right or right to left or up to down or down to up.

You have to keep the code inside the <marquee>……….</marquee> tag.

4.How to put the image into the background on a web page ?

To put the image into the background on a web page,you have to put the following code after the </head> tag.

<body background=”image.png” >

In the place of “image.png” put your image as you want to display.

5.What is a style sheet ?

A style sheet is used to build a consistent ,transportable and well-designed style template.You can add these templates on several different web pages.It describes the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.

6.Which browsers support HTML5 ?

The latest versions of Google chrome,safari,Mozilla Firefox and opera almost support all browsers.

7.Which type of video formats are supported  by HTML 5 ?

HTML 5 supports three types of video format




8.How many types of CSS can be included in HTML ?

There are three ways to include CSS in HTML page

1.Inline CSS

2.Internal CSS

3.External CSS

9.Explain the layout of HTML ?

HTML layout specifies a way in which web pages are arranged.



<title>placement preparation</title>



<h> This is a heading</h>
<p>This is paragraph</p>


10.What is the use of span tag.Explain with example ?

The span tag is for the following purpose:

For adding color on text

To add background on text

Highlighting any text color


<span style=”color:#000000;”>
This is the span example

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