Top 10 AngularJS interview Questions & Answers for 2020

Hi folks,I am providing Top 10 AngularJS interview questions and answers which will help you to crack the interview for the fresher and experience Developer.

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1.What is Angular JS ?

AngularJS is an  open source front-end technology which is used to create web application.It is the most popular framework of JavaScript.

It is developed by Google and follows the MVC(Model View Controller) pattern

It uses the HTML language as a Template and enables the developer to extend the HTML syntax to express the application clearly.

2.what are the advantages of AngularJS ?

Following advantages are given below:

It allows us to create single page applications in a very easy way.

It follow the MVC(Model View Controller) pattern so it is easy to maintain

It is open-source

Code reusability

Its code is unit testable

3.What are the features of AngularJS ?

Some features are listed below

Data Binding








4.What do you mean by Data Binding in AngularJS ?

Data binding in Angular JS is the automatic synchronisation  between the model and the view.

5.What do you mean by services in AngularJS ?

Services are the JavaScript function which is used to perform only specific tasks and it also contains some business logic.

6.What is scope in AngularJS ?

The $Scope in AngularJS is the built-in function which contains the data and method of the application 

You can pass $Scope object as an argument

7.What is the purpose of the filter ?

Filter is an important part of Angular JS which is used to filter the item from the groups of items,which are in array or object array.

It selects the subset of items from the array and returns the new array and display items on UI(User Interface).

8.How can you get,set and clear cookies in AngularJS ?

We can use

$cookies.get( ) method to get the cookies

$cookies.put( ) method to set the cookies

$cookies.remove method to remove the cookies

9. What do you mean by  BOM(Browser Object Model) ?

BOM contains the history,object navigator,screen location etc

10.What is the Module in AngularJS ?

A module is  a container of the different parts of an application such as controller,service,filter,directives,factories etc.

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