Introduction Of JAVA With Easy Explanation

Today’s world peoples are the crazy of applications like Facebook,Instagram if you want to develop application then you must have knowledge about programming language.

Android applications are mostly developed by the java programming language using android SDK(software development kit).Using the other programming language like C/C++ also can develop the android application.But java is most preferred.So if you are beginner in android then here we will know all concepts of java step by step:

What is JAVA ?

Java is an object oriented programming language similar to C++ but it provides the advanced features and reduce the complexity of the code.

Java is a high-level,robust,secure ,class based and platform-independent programming language.

Java was developed by James gosling in 1995.

Writing first java program

Let’s try how write the first java code

public class FirstJavaProgram
public static void main(String[] arg)
System.out.println("Hello java");

Features of Java

  • Simple-It is easy to understand because it does not contains the complex code like pointer in C,it reduce the complexity of the program.
  • Object-oriented- Every thing is considered as an “object” in java so it makes more easy.
  • Robust- It has very good memory management which helps the remove the error during the compile and run time.
  • Multi-threading- It support multi-threading means multiple threads can execute at the same time.
  • Portable- It means java code written in one platform can be easily ported into the other platform .
  • Secure-Java is secure because after the compilation all the java class files are converted into the byte code which is not readable by human.
  • Distributed- It provides the facility to create distributed application using the EJB and RMI.
  • High Performance- It has high performance because java uses JIT(just in time) which increase the performance.

Java is used in the field of

1.Banking sector

2.Android application development

3.Stock market

4.Retail sector

5 Information Technoloy

5 Big Data

6.Website development

7 Game development

8.Financial Sector

and so on.

Types of Application

There are four types of application can be created using the java.

1.Standalone application:

Standalone application means creating the desktop application or window based application .AWT and SWING are used to create the standalone application.

Example:Media player etc

2.Web application

An application which runs on server is known as web applications.Jsp &Servlet are used create web application., etc

3.Enterprise application

An application which is used for the distributed purpose.EJB is used to create enterprise application.

Example:Banking application

4 Mobile Application

An application which is used used for the mobile application.Android is used to develop mobile application.

History of java

It was started as a project called “Oak” by the Games Gosling in 1991.

It was designed for the purpose of small electronics applications such as set-up boxes.

Firstly the name was given “Greentalk” by the Games Gosling and file extension was .gt.

After that it name was “Oak”.Because Oak is the symbol of strength.

At the last in 1995,Oak was renamed as Java.

Differentiate JDK,JVM,JRE,JIT

JDK-jdk stands for java development kit which is used to develop java applications.It includes the JRE(java runtime environment),java compiler,java libraries,java debugger,building and deployment tools.

JVM-Jvm stands for the java virtual machine.It an abstract machine tool which is used to convert java byte code into the machine executable codes.

jvm is machine dependent because different operating system have different functionalities.

JRE-It provides the minimum requirement to execute java applications or It execute the java applications very fastly.

JIT-jit stands for just-in-time it runs after the program has started executing.It is used to access the run time information.


Hello Friends,I have written and developed this website because you can learn technology easily ,prepare for the placement and also for the any type of examination . By :Suman Kumar

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