History of Android and What is Android ?

# History of Android

1.Android word drived from the greek word “andros” which means “man”.

2.Android was  developed by “andy rubin, Rich Miner,Nick Sears,Chris White“in Palo Alto,California in 2003.

3.Android written in “Java,C,C++ and others languages.

4.Where android uses ,”Smart phones,Computers.Tablets etc.

5.The official website of android is www.android.com.

6.In july 2005,google acquired Android Inc.

7.Google has released first beta version of Android software development kit(SDK) in 2007.

8.Few versions of android are Cupkae,Dount,Eclair and Froyo and etc.

9.The first version of Android was “1.0” which was launched in 2008.

10.The latest version of Android is “pie”(9.0) which was launched in 2018.

#What is Android ?

Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets etc.

Android is the modified version of the Linux Kernel and other open source software.

#Features of Android

1.It is an open source(it is free,there is no need to licence)

2.It support Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,LTE etc

3.Good user interface according to the mobile devices etc.

4.It support Multi-Language.

5.It support SQLite ,LevelDB,Couchbase Lite Database etc.

# Android Applications are used in the field of

1.Social( Example: facebook,Instagram,twitter ete)

2.Payment Field( Example: Paytm,PhonePe,Bhim app etc)

3.E-Commerce Field( Example:FlipKart App,Amazon App etc)

4.Online Food orderning Field( Example: Zomate,Swiggy)

5.Music Field( Example Gaana app,Sawan app)

6.In the field of Education,Communication etc.

7.In the field of Travel and Transport.

8.In the field of hotel booking etc.


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